2 Blade Bamboo Razor

Zero Plastic Bamboo Razor, 8 pieces per pack

Choose between blue or turquoise aloe strip

5 incl. VAT

Time to Go Green

Every year, billions of disposable plastic razors end up polluting our oceans and forests. Time to put a stopper to reckless plastic waste with the Nukka zero plastic, eco-friendly bamboo razor blades, an ideal choice for responsible men and women!

Finest Grade Construction

These men’s and women’s double razors are made with premium quality, eco-friendly materials, a combination of recyclable Swedish steel blades, natural bamboo handle and corn made cartridge, being biodegradable and plastic free!

Enhanced Precision

Unlike similar products on the market, our men’s and ladies razors enjoy ultra-sharp high-precision dual blades which allow for a smooth shaving experience even when dealing with sensitive skin!

Lightweight and User Friendly

Featuring an ergonomic design with well-balanced lightweight handle, plus a refreshing aloe vera strip that has a calming effect on your gentle skin, the Nukka bamboo razors will surely win you over on the first try!

Enough To Go Around 

Order these eco-friendly disposable blades and you’ll receive a convenient 8-pack, perfect for sharing with your loved ones! An excellent choice for enjoying silky legs or a nicely shaved and groomed beard!


Ocean Blue, Turquoise Summer

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