3 Blade Bamboo Razor With Changeable Head

2 reuseable bamboo razor handles & 6 x 3-blade cartridges –
attach the cartridge by screwing it onto the handle and start shaving


A Sustainable Alternative

It’s never too late to start the war on plastic waste and make the smarter choices! The Nukka bamboo razor blades provide a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to your everyday grooming needs, promoting a plastic-free vegan friendly lifestyle which on the long run will have major positive implications on our environmental care policies!

Premium Materials

Our disposable blades are made with finest quality sustainable materials, combining eco-friendly biodegradable bamboo wood handles, fully recyclable Swedish stainless steel blades and corn-made cartridges.

Ultra-Sharp and Precise

The Nukka razor blades are incredibly sharp and provide a precise cut with every stroke. The aloe vera strip has a calming and soothing effect, being ideal even for sensitive skin!

Ergonomic Handle

Say goodbye to accidental slips and cuts with these superior quality disposable razors, featuring an ergonomic non-slip handle, lightweight and practical, perfect for safe and comfortable use!

Convenient Pack

Order the Nukka eco-friendly bamboo razors and you’ll receive a convenient 6-piece pack, perfect for your everyday needs! An excellent choice for enjoying silky smooth legs or a beautifully shaven beard!


Sunset Orange, Charming Pink

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